My “NEW” Study

This is the new place I’m going to be blogging from.

I was working on it last night after I got home from the gym, until I went to bed!

It was a total mess and I know I could have done a Young House Love or Bower Power before and after shot, but to be honest, I was too embarrassed to take a photo.

I’m excited to be able to work from a nice cleared space AND look at that view!

Pitty about the dodgy desk eh?


2 thoughts on “My “NEW” Study

  1. Nice one! It’s lovely when you clear out a room so it’s usable. We’re still working on having all of ours done, we have far too much stuff.

    Don’t worry about the before shot. I’m too embarrassed to take them too ;)

  2. That view is pretty inspirational Bec! And if you don’t like the desk, you can make it all pretty, or just do what I do. Cover it up with so many papers, you can’t see it anymore!

    Thanks so much for nominating me for the bloggers comp! You are just too sweet!


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