Happy Sabbath peeps!

Last weekend, I was at Colour and it was awesome.

For me it is like a spiritual reality check each year.

Taken with my LX5 - hello newb!

 It’s an opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into a bubble where I can examine what is in my heart and what God has on His heart for me.

Worship was amazing - Loved that we all faced into each other.

It’s just a bunch of girls (ok, so 10,000 of them!) in one room, from all different types of churches, without prejudice or judgement, worshipping God and learning about current global humanitarian projects.

Screens were amazing

I got to hang with the Gold Coast “Coast-Lifers”, Bronny and Carrie now New South Welshmen, and the Lovely Mon who goes to our church at K-Ville. Mum was also able to come one of the days which I loved.

Our little friend Leila at her first Colour

Packed to the rafters


Some of my favourite Colour bits and pieces:

“Passion is energy to the soul. Hype is energy without sincerity.” Jeanne Mayo

“Fear is not the opposite of faith, it’s putting your faith in the wrong things.” Craig Groeschel

“God didn’t anoint Governments to heal the world, He anointed the Church.” Bobbie Houston

Based on Eph 2:8 “Christ saved you – it was a gift from God. We are not saved by good works, but we are saved for good works.” Craig Groeschel

“Our beauty is not just in our form, but beauty is created in our function.” Craig Groeschel

“He uses everything in your life to bring about His purpose.” Craig Groeschel

“If you don’t like yourself – let God remake you.” Craig Groeschel

“A title can never give you true authority, a character can only do that.” Jeanne Mayo

“Happiness is an inside job – develop character in your present that’s needed in your future!” Jeanne Mayo

“Our marriages were never made meant to be a power struggle. Our marriage is a power union.” Lisa Bevere

Enjoy your weekend!


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