The weekend that was…

This post was meant to go live last week… and it didn’t. So just humour me and pretend it was last week, ok?

This past weekend was a busy one.

We celebrated a few anniversaries on the 12th of March:

1. The day we officially “Hooked” up

2. The day Richie got down on one knee and asked me to marry him

3. The day I got baptised

4. The day my paternal grandfather was born

So we decided to celebrate all of the above by celebrating at our restaurant at the Sofitel Wentworth where Richie proposed.

They sat us in the middle of everyone else in the dimly lit restaurant. However Richie made the waiter move us over to a private corner so we could laugh, joke and act like we were 15 again. The restaurant boasts French cuisine and the two 15 year olds in the corner got to indulge in palate cleansers drizzled with truffle oil, carmelised figs and goats cheese, king fish with garlic polenta and Wagyu beef steak. YUMO!

Can I get an Amen?


4 thoughts on “The weekend that was…

  1. Amen sister! 12 is a good number for you!

    E and I were driving behind you just now. We were both trying to wave but you didn’t see us!

  2. Came here from “a lego a day” .. congrats on the anniversary! wow, 12 years!

    also a quick question: is this Sydney, Australia? It looks like a lovely city.

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