#Prayers for Japan

Friday afternoon our jaws hit the ground.

Japan had been hit with a massive 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami. We sat in our living room watching live footage on ABC24 as villages and farmland were transfered into disaster zones.

One of my friends, Linzo, described it perfectly on Twitter:

@bec_reid us too. Feels like I’m watching a Hollywood blockbuster with serious CGI effects. I wish this wasn’t real. Prayers for the Japan.

Today I chatted to my girlfriend Greta, who informed me we had another friend stuck in Tokyo. Cameron, who is a childhood friend, has a blog which I randomly discovered today. Check out the photos of the shop shelves  – they remind me of my own iPhone picts taken a few days after the Brisbane floods. At the weekend, he also had a piece published with New Zealand’s 3News describing his earthquake experience, which was aptly titled “Kiwi in Tokyo: ‘One million chainsaws idling'”. THIS IS A MUST READ. Talk about harrowing.

One thing I know for sure is that we need to continue to pray for Japan and everyone there, including Cameron and Hannah (his girlfriend), and Belinda another friend of ours.


2 thoughts on “#Prayers for Japan

  1. That is an amazing account from Cameron. The last line just cut to my core. I really hope and pray that the world stops shaking for Japan. But especially I pray that children are reunited with their parents, that by some miracle there will be no child orphaned by this tragedy. It seems impossible.

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