Hit Pick – Anna Weatherup

Last week, Richie came home with a pressie for me from the good old ABC up at the Bong (Adventist Book Centre).

“Here this is for you. I listened to it on the way home from Cooranbong, but it’s really good, you’re going to love it.”

He handed me a CD and I chucked it straight into the old CD player and hit play.

What came out of the speakers was something beautiful, something original, something familiar and the best of all, something supremely spiritual.

Anna Weatherup is the girl who smashes these old-school hymns. Her music will make your toe tap and your heart sing. Anna seems to have been around for a while with a number of songs and albums released and her latest album, called Nearer, is produced by Psalter Music.

Anna has a real country sound and a soulful voice – we I love it!

Check out these few vids to get an insight into her music.

My Hit Picks on her current album, Nearer, are:

#1 I’ll fly away – Love the fiddle in this piece and the harmonies. Takes me back to Tamworth with the newly married Mrs Olivia Denahy and her husbands band, The Denahys.

#2 Blessed Assurance – You can feel Anna’s love for her Saviour in this song. You can for each of her songs, but this one in particular. Everytime I hear this, it brings back happy memories of singing with my Sydney Adventist College choir. We sang this for a choir competition and won it. The best part about it, our choir teachers Mr Fua and Mr Smith made us practice in the boys toilets before the competition because the acoustics were unbelievable. Can you imagine 40 teenagers singing in the loos? Anna does a good job, but not as good as the SAC choir circa 1995.

#6 At the Cross – I don’t have much to say about this one, except I like it.

#7 Nearer – This sounds like there are angels singing on the track. You need to hear the whole thing to believe me.

Go buy this album.


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