Things We Loved In February

Was meant to blog about this little list the first few days of March. Nevermind…

Things we loved in February:

#5 – Turning 30 Baby, Yeah!

#4 – Weekend at the Gong – singing with 150 SDA Pastors + their families “I Surrender All” was incredible. Long morning walks on the Gong beach, late night coffee runs with our new K-Ville volunteer pastors was fun, and watching the “Old Boys” play tennis and Putt Putt Golf was hilarious.

#3 – Oscars – I went to bed at 1am and was awake at 5am, and I wasn’t even grumpy – MAJOR WIN in the Reid household according to my husband :) The day after I saw an email in my Hotmail which advertised tickets for the 2011 Oscars Live in Gold Class. One day too late! Next year I’m so going! What a cool day out!

#2 – Valentines Day without presents – why? Because my husbands presence is enough for me. Oh vomit. A double date with your sister and her husband is a winner as well.

1# Visitors – How we LOVED having Carrie and Simo stay with us. It was totally fun!


2 thoughts on “Things We Loved In February

  1. I love your highlights of February. Does it feel any different to be 30? Just wondering. I have a significant birthday in September I confess not looking forward to. But sounds like your month was fun-filled with love and happiness! xx

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