The weekend that was…

There were three major wins on the weekend that I wanted to share with the blogging world:

One) The Youth Rally on Saturday was AWESOME! It was a packed house, like usual, and beside the praise and worship, the preaching of the Word from my old English teacher was off the charts. Miss Q, as we knew her, spoke on the call of discipleship and what it means to surrender EVERYTHING to God. Liti is now the Associate Youth Director for the South Pacific Division and has been a total blessing for us.

Two) Bear Grylls is my hero! Can I just say, this guy is totally awesome! We saw Bear at Hillsong for the Mission Australia fundraiser. He was interviewed about his crazy life, his family, his faith and all the gross Man vs Wild stuff. It was a great night out! I took my BFF from work Georgia and her son Ari. Richie was on his own adventure with 20-30 SAC kids hosting a Leadership Canoeing expedition – they called it SAC vs Wild!

I love Bear’s love for adventure, but most importantly his love for God and his love for his family. One of my favourite quotes from the night was this:

“I have never met an atheist in the death zone on Mount Everest.”Bear Grylls

Total win!

Below is my view from my seat – it was an awesome spot as we got to watch the frenzy as Bear ran in from the back of the audience through the crowd and up on the stage.

Another thing I loved was that his faith is the back-bone of everything he does. He said that he has a “messy faith” (like us all!) but it is a quiet strength in the everyday.

The below picts I found on Twitter just after the event…

Three) Autumn “Spring clean” at the Reids

Since Richie was on his SAC vs Wild trip, I had a great opportunity to do a spring-clean in Autumn. It’s amazing what you find in these clean-ups, I had a good laugh about some of the stuff I found.

As a joke, Richie and I put these Bunnykins plates/cup on our wedding registry to see if anyone picked up on them. Sure enough, our neighbours did and bought them. These are going to get put away until there is someone around who will use them.

So there you have it, it was a winner of a weekend.


6 thoughts on “The weekend that was…

  1. What a great weekend! All 3 points of awesome I loved. I do think Edward-Eddy-Teddy-Bear Grylls is one of the worlds most fascinating people, if only because I would never do anything he is game enough to do but I get a kick out of seeing someone else try! Oh and don’t lose that dinner set! I can’t wait to add a matching bib to it! :D

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