Happy Sabbath

What an awesome week!

Does anyone else feel like Friday came around really quickly? Last Sunday night, I actually prayed for that to happen.

This week we had to kiss Summer good-bye and we were forced to say hello to Autumn. I really enjoyed this past summer especially the late Sunday night beach swims with Richie/VP/MP, the flooded Camporee at Toowoomba, and of course the 2nd Honeymoon in NZ. There were plenty of adventures but it still doesn’t beat “The Summer of Love” when I met Richie in Fiji. One day I’ll write about it like Pioneer Woman has done. One day…

I love this vid below. I found it a couple of years ago on godtube.com. Yes GODTUBE – no joke. WordPress, doesn’t like Godtube, so I’ve hunted it down on YouTube for your enjoyment. It’s worth listening to.

Happy Sabbath – may we all be led to the Cross.


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