Saint Valentines Love

So what are you doing for your special someone this Valentines Day?

The other week, my friend Steph at work suggested that we all order a box of these heart shape Lamingtons for our loved ones.

We had a taste test and they were delish.

But I didn’t get my act together, so I’m taking Richie out for dinner instead.

If there are any left of these lamingtons at Michel’s Patisserie , then you should go grab one.


2 thoughts on “Saint Valentines Love

  1. Hi Bec, I love Lamingtons!!

    Not sure if you saw my post – Tips for men on Valentine’s Day – I had a bit of fun writing it:

    Steve and are are going for fish and chips at the beach, yep with jumpers and umbrellas and our dog, and the we have feet massages (Steve’s idea) booked for 9pm – sitting side by side, holding hands, getting our feet professionally massaged – Ahhh Bliss!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous!

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