Seeya in November Christmas Tree

Guess what we did today…

We took down our Christmas Tree.

As tomorrow is Valentines Day we figured that maaaaaybe it was a good idea to take it down and put it under the stairs until next November.

“November?” I hear you say.


November is when we, us Reids, put our Christmas Tree up. As you may know, we were extremely excited to purchase our first Christmas Tree together (here is a re-cap) and Richie and I make up rules as we go, and this is one of our latest. We get a good run with our tree if we put it up in November and take it down after my birthday in February.

Do the math, it’s a win.


4 thoughts on “Seeya in November Christmas Tree

  1. Oh I love this! And I agree wholeheartedly. It takes a lot of time to put it up and one month is not getting your money’s worth… We put ours up in the last weekend of November and take it down mid-January!

  2. Now we didn’t take ours down until April last year… Actually let me rephrase that. I took it down a number of times before then but it kept mysteriously reappearing! My kids were trying to keep it there for the whole year! lol. In April they finally gave up… :D

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