When you’re in your Thirties…

Today I’m turning 30.

I am excited about this, because I am stepping into a massive unknown abyss and I am open to the millions of adventures that lie before me.

Over the weekend, we had a full house of guests plus a little Picnic BBQ to celebrate my upcoming b’day. It was quite hilarious really. Due to the unpredictable February weather in Sydney, we changed the time of the picnic the night before (as it was 42deg cel that day!) and then half hour before the “start” time I decided to change location to my parentals as it was raining. I love my fabulous flexible friends! It was such a fun night.

So before the big hoo-hah, I was sitting with Bronny and Richie talking about how cool it was to be turning 30. They both agreed and were full of encouragement as they both are “well into the early part of the 30-Something” age bracket. 

They decided to give me some advice and below was the summary of our conversation, with a few extra bits from some of my other great friends.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Bronwyn

You know who you are, what you want and you’re not afraid to go get it.

“Whatever” is your new catch-cry.

You don’t care if you like the Gaithers (Richie: Let me hear the Church say Amen!!!)

It’s like you’ve been given a pass to get into the Qantas Lounge of Life.

You know that you are worth it. (But you should know that in your twenties too!)

You start nesting.

You ding the bell of life and say “Next!” in other words, you say “Whatever” and move on.

You have friends of all calibre – some who are single, engaged, married, married with kids, divorced, even grandparents.

“You are in your prime, Man!” you still have the energy of your youth with some wisdom. These are the best days of your life.

You are established in your career and all ready for your next.

With a sprinkling of grey hair for some measure.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Karyn

You have energy, confidence, passion and wisdom.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Liv

You give birth on your friend’s birthday! (Poor Livvy, was due last week Monday… it’s time to come out bubby!)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Georgia

You start to worry a lot less about what people think of you. By the time you’re 40 you could not care less. 40 and fabulous!!!!!

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Linzi

You’re still young, so make the most of it!!!

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Mick

You can’t bowl as quick and your reflexes are shot.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Marcus (my brother-in-law)

You nail a 24 year old (Sorry!)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Richie

Your boobs will sag (I barely have any, so that sagging won’t be happening…)

You actually realise you ARE a desperate housewife – you don’t just watch it (yeah, I don’t anyway…)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Bec

You consider it a blessing when there is nothing to do on a Saturday night and you can spend time at home.

The End.

Happy Birthday to me :)


2 thoughts on “When you’re in your Thirties…

  1. Good advice! Personally, I think your 30’s is when you really get your groove. Like others said, you’ve established who you are, and you care less about trivial pursuits. I’m looking forward to mine.

    Happy Birthday!

    PS: I hope my boobs don’t sag! (I know they will)

  2. Happy Birthday you! Thirties are fabulous and for me they’re just about to end :( But enjoy them the most because (and yes, I’m going to sound like your grandmother when I say this) they go so fast, it’s kinda blurry!

    That’s my wisdom. Remember it all. x

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