Twitter – the fastest, smartest and direct form of information

If you’re not a Twitter lover, go through a natural disaster and you soon will be.

It’s now been a while since I registed to be on the old Tweeter Box, but I never appreciated it as much as what I did the week of the floods in Brisbane around the 11-16th of January this year.

Everything from road closures, to announcements of Premier Anna Bligh’s press conferences to new evacuation centre locations were shared on Twitter. It was much quicker than Facebook and news was getting to us faster than the television networks. Why? Because the networks were relying on twitter as well.

One of the funniest tweets I remember reading during those crazy few days were from Queensland Police Service (@QPSmedia)  announcing that they had been contacted by a Brisbane man who had lost a casket with a mannequin in it and not to be alarmed if people find it – a left-over prop from a Halloween party last year. QPS and Brisbane City Council were the two hottest twitter accounts at the time burning the candle at both ends and almost tweeting all night long. I think they may have had a bunch of late teens or twenty-somethings posting for the old boys at the top.

Now, don’t get me started on the power of social media in relation to the South East Queensland clean-up. The power to coordinate and direct volunteers in the clean-up endeavours was incredible. Once volunteer centres were full, they would announce it over the twitter-waves and there was a mass exodus to other areas of need. Twitter was and still is the fastest, smartest and direct form of information for people who were affected.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has brought more interesting tweeters to the fore-front of today’s media. Apart from the all-nighter that @QPSmedia pulled, there was this fella in Cairns who tweeted from his make-shift refuge.

If you want to stay connected on news of #TCYasi ahead of the television and Facebook, get on twitter and read the uploads of Queensland Police Service,  Premier Anna Bligh and ABC News


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