Pack your Gumboots!

The thing every staff member at Camporee either packed, or ran-out to buy last week, was a pair of Gumboots.

The first day we arrived, it had stopped raining but it was extremely muddy and the ground was soggy. So everyone was sporting their boots with pride.

Today, Day 2 of Camporee, we are facing a severe weather warning in Toowoomba. So it looks like they’ll come in handy.

Check em out:


3 thoughts on “Pack your Gumboots!

  1. Gloriously elegant! Campfire chic!
    Now the problem with gumboots is getting smelly feet as there’s no ventilation. Best way to combat this is to rub hand sanitizing gel on your feet before you don the wellingtons! Helps prevent the build up of stinky feet bacteria!

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