Happy New Year

Brisbane 4.15am, 31 December 2010

This was the last sunrise for 2010.

It was a cracker morning, as it was a cracker year.

Happy New Year and Happy Sabbath Crew :)

Last night we had the blessing and privilege of being at the ATSIM (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries) Camp. We left Camporee at Toowoomba and flew into Sydney yesterday, so Richie could preach. Everyone said they enjoyed his sermon based on the hymn “Take My Life And Let It Be” and some of his personal testimony. I’ve heard his life story and testimony many times before and it still makes me cry… like I and many others, did last night. We got to meet up with a ton of friends and I was introduced to a heap of other people who have had an impact on Richie’s life.

It was a really great way to bring 2010 to a close.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. It was so great that you and richie came. I wished I hadn’t missed what he said. Man, you guys must be beat. Hope camporee is a buzz. By the way, you’re awesome! Xx

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