2nd Honeymoons are Awesome!

Well OFFICIALLY, this day last year Richie and I got hitched.

I have to say, though, yesterday really felt like our anniversary despite the fact we were both serving at the super cool and super fun Hills Community Carols and it was the 12th, not the 13th of December.

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45am, the same time as I did last year. The weather was spectacular, the same as it was last year. AND I was relaxed as ever, like I was last year.

Currently we are sitting in the Emirates Business Class lounge waiting for our flight to take us to a destination I only just found out about an hour ago. Richie NEVER does things in halves, let me tell you.

Can you believe that Richie kept this destination a secret from me? It almost killed me!


He spun me a million stories to throw me off. But I had a few places spinning around which were Hawaii (I asked him if we were going there and he said “What? Who told you?”), Canada (Just thought of this one this morning), Tasmania, USA (Skiing in Colorado), Japan, Fiji (Where we first met)… and Antarctica!!! You see he told me I needed to pack as if we were going back to Italy. ITALY??? It was -3 degrees when we were in Italy for our honeymoon! A million things threw me off like Richie asking me if I had any spare US dollars, and Clare told me to pack my Bikini!

This morning in the car I told Richie to stop the trickery and to cough up and tell me where we were going. He said we might be going on a cruise…

So we might be on hiatus for a bit. But, we might not. We’ll see.

Want to hear something funny?

Richie was up at 4am this morning packing – this is not the funny part since he woke me up and that we didn’t get to bed till midnight… but as he came into our bedroom as I’m getting out of bed… he leans in to kiss me and says “Happy Wedding Anniversary Babe”.

My reply back  was “Yep Happy Birthday Babe”.

We both wet our selves laughing.


5 thoughts on “2nd Honeymoons are Awesome!

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