Stumbling across blogs…

One of my absolute favourite things to do is stumble upon a great blog. My heart skips a beat especially when I come across an absolute gem. I treasure these great finds, because there are some rubbish blogs out there and too much verbal diarrhoea. Yes, yes Marcus – I can hear you laughing…

One night last week, I visited the blog of our friend Melynda over at A life less ordinary. She has lovely stuff and I love how she blogs in 1-2 sentences, ok, maybe 3 sentences sometimes. I heart short posts. Check her out.

Anyway, then I checked out her blogroll and found Rockstar Diaries and saw their gorgeous film which their friends made of them:

Then I found myself with my jaw on the floor drooling over the beautiful work of Carissa and Andrew of For You Love Me

You have to go check out these blogs.

It’s worth the time.

If anything, it will make you miss the East Coast of the USA.

Like me.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!


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