Adventures in Sydney

About this time last week, during the “Richie B’day Week”, I explored downtown Riverwood, just down the road from Bankstown, on the way to the Year 10 Formal at Conca D’oro. I got lost a couple of times (Which is definitely unlike me!! I have extremely good direction, just ask Georgia. It’s all those years of Pathfinders and my Dad taking me to new house listings and asking me to point to north) and passed a few funny shops which I knew I had to snap and post.

So do the dry-cleaners up and down the road get worse and worse?

Then two doors down, I see this shop.


The first sign I saw was “Bankstown Gun Shop”, not the Skirmish sign. I thought, “Stuff, I wonder if I should go in and get me a little heat?”

The formal was awesome and the venue was fantastic. They were so good to the kids and us oldies. They also told us that our kids have always been the best behaved in comparison to other schools.

So there you have it – Send your kids to SAC! They’ll send them home with great values and beautiful manners!


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