“Where to Sir?” – a funny Richie story

In 2003, Richie flew to London to attend our friends wedding.

He stayed in “The Aussie House” in Anson Rd, Cricklewood, North London NW2 4AL – just in case you wanted the postcode. Bronny reckons they could start a Facebook group page of all the people who have ever stayed (long or short-term) in the house and would have about a million people in the group.

Last night, on the way home from picking Bronny up from the airport, she told us how that weekend, her and her girlfriends in Melbourne were reminiscing about old London times. Laughing themselves stupid, her friend Hayley announced that Richie and Andrew (Morrison) were two of Bronwyn’s funniest friends and that they would always have her in hysterics. They were particularly in stitches over the story of when they sent Richie back to the airport after Murray and Davina’s wedding.

He jumped into the taxi and the lovely man behind the steering wheel asked,

“Where to Sir?”

In a Buzz Lightyear voice and with one finger raised Richie replied,

“To Australia!!!”

Credit goes to Bronwyn Elizabeth Cherry with her assistance in the legitimacy of this story and the photos. Yes Marcus, this is another true story which Bronwyn has clarified.


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