Happy Birthday Richard Reid!

I know, I know!
I’m exactly a week late in posting something about Richie’s b’day.

Richie's 5th B'day - Not his 8th... "I just wanted a racing car cake out of the Family Circle Cake Book."

Richie’s 10th B’day – CUTE!
Truth be told, we’ve had a big week of celebrating. This included, but was not limited to: 

– Multiple birthday diners (Saturday night, Sunday night AND Monday night)

– SAC Yr 12 formal (I wasn’t feeling so good that night, so I stayed home)

– SAC Yr 10 formal (I went to this one and it was SOOOOOO much fun. They are a great group of kids!)

– Rare day off for Richie to fish with Jan, one of his best mates (You must go to his Facebook page and see the video)

Asado & Nona's Potato Salad - made by Mum - Requested every year by Richie

Aunty Clare made his cake - he was going to ask for a racing car cake out of the Family Circle Cake book. No doubt, she'll make it next year.

Guess how old he is?


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Richard Reid!

  1. He’s as old as the woman he feels! *boom tish* see what I did there?

    Looks like a happy birthday with family friends and food! Many more to come!

    God bless you guys! X

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