There’s going to be a royal wedding!

Our morning so far has included this conversation…

Richie “Well there’s going to be a royal wedding next year.”

Bec: “What? Who? Where? William & Kate? Oh my goodness are you serious? Is it official or speculation?”

Richie: “Yes, Price William and Kate.”

Bec: “Was it officially announced or did you see it on some dodgy website? Is there a ring and everything?”

Richie: “Yes, its official “Diana’s ring for Kate” is what the headlines are saying.”

I went straight to the most trusted source of information in Britain, Hello Magazine.

HELLO, its true!


Richie grabbed his laptop and showed me the news coverage and online video. The journalist claimed that this will be the biggest wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Want to know how Richie responded?

Richie: “We’re going!”

Kate owns that colour, and the ring? No words...


6 thoughts on “There’s going to be a royal wedding!

  1. She’s so beautiful and I got very teary thinking that she will be wearing that ring, and that William chose her to wear it for him. God bless this one, very tough life.

  2. It’s amazing, can you imagine going from the daughter of a (rather wealthy) air hostess to the wife of the heir to the throne?? Crazy!

    Knowing Richie, when he says you’re going – I believe him.

    However, as I said in my post about it, I couldn’t wear the ring of the woman I will always come second best to. And the ring that began a tragic marriage and a tragic death. Peter disagrees with me, says it’s a beautiful sentiment. I guess I’m just too superstitious.

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