I know it’s Monday, but, “This Saturday, I’m grateful for…”

I wrote this on Saturday morning and ran out the door without publishing it. So here is my “This Saturday, I’m grateful for…” post, even though it is Monday morning. Hope everyone enjoys their week. :)

1. Sabbath – I can’t help it. I might just start with this every time I do a post like this. I’ll be working 6 days this week – literally, so I am taking Sabbath with both hands and with an open heart graciously thanking God for a day I can have guilt-free time off from the world and focus on building my relationship with Him.

2. Brooke Fraser – this week Vanessa and I got our tickets to a little concert where the lovely Brooke Fraser will perform. When buying the tickets online, she was stressing a little regarding the seating arrangements and I encouraged her to relax that we could sit on the floor and still enjoy it. “I don’t care where we are, we just needed to be in that room!” I told her. This week I went to Sisterhood at Hillsong on Thursday morning and Bobbie gave us a little insight into the song Flags from Brooke’s album. She read from an email that Brooke had sent her that she had written the song in her apartment in L.A. this year after watching the Sisterhood Morning session on DVD from Colour – Conf 1. She had to stop watching because she was crying so much. One of the presenters was Chris Caine who was talking about the huge war on human trafficking and the massive fight that we should all be stepping up to participate in. I was there in that audience listening to it live and my girlfriends and I had massive tears streaming down our faces too. I’m thankful for the insight into this song. It means much more now than just beautiful lyrics with a nice tune. There’s guts, there’s skin and a there’s a heart-beat to that song.

3. Twitter – yes I’m grateful for twitter. Why, I hear you ask? Because I can choose the messages that enter my world and sphere of thinking. For instance, I follow people like Charles Spurgeon (No, he is not alive), CS Lewis (same), Ps Rick Warren, Queen Rania plus quite a few pastors and churchies  – not to mention heaps of friends and family. I love that I can get a snap-shot into their lives and that I receive a lot of small, positive messages.

So, what are you grateful for?

This post was inspired by my friend Kym from A day in the life of Us.


One thought on “I know it’s Monday, but, “This Saturday, I’m grateful for…”

  1. Oh, every Saturday in itself is enough to be grateful, isn’t it? In fact, I’m just going to say it too. This week.

    Love your gratefuls. That song sure is powerful stuff.

    And thanks for your gratefuls too. So happy you joined in! xx

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