Hello Christmas Tree!

Today has been a great day.

It all started yesterday with a tweet from my friend Tamsin. I know that sounds funny, but just roll with it, ok?

This was her tweet:

“Put up our tree! http://twitpic.com/36cy07

Then this was the twitter conversation that continued today…

“I want to know which one?!?!? RT @173Miss_T @bec_reid I would recommend the same one, if you haven’t already bought yours.”

“@bec_reid Big W, Tree 3, $28″

SHUT-UP!!!! Richie and I are heading there after My open homes! RT @173Miss_T @bec_reid Big W, Tree 3, $28

“@bec_reid totally true! Ary found it then told me to go. It’s HEAPS nicer than the $80 ones I was considering. Mac Centre Big W has heaps”

Then we took a little trip to Big W in search of the perfect Christmas Tree. Then we ended up in Parramatta at The Christmas Warehouse with a tip-off from Nerise, a friend from church.

This is how it all unfolded…

These looked a little sad, but they were leaning towards the door way as a way to encourage customers to step inside and buy up big


This is THE ONE

Once the decision was made, there were some in-store shenanigans to be had.


Hello Kiddies! Who wants to have a can of coke and sit on Santa's knee?



This is the finished product, minus my home-made decorations and star/angel. But there are more decorations to come.

Too many photos?

Too bad, it was fun and it was all worth it, even if it is still only the 14th of November.


8 thoughts on “Hello Christmas Tree!

  1. Never too many photos! Love that you chose a ‘fakie’. I think a good choice. Cute decorations (but can’t wait to see yours on there too). Gorgeous and not ridiculously big (like ours). But now I’m inspired by your early ‘erection’ (gotta love that camp term). I think I might put mine up this week too! xx

  2. No way is that too many photos! And of course it’s not too early, especially considering mine went up on Saturday.

    I got a bit too excited about it, I think.

  3. I’m so jealous! I’ve decided not to put up my lovely big tree with all it’s beautiful decorations. Lily will just keep attacking it and it just won’t be worth losing my sanity over it :( Your tree look beautiful! Miss you guys hey :)

      • Unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll get onto camporee as they’re saying no one under the age of 10 allowed on site :( Might be allowed to go on the Sabbath or something. If you guys are getting up before camporee, would love to have you over to visit for dinner or something, or you can even stay at our place in a nice bed!

        Unfortunately the Christmas tree is huge and wouldn’t go on a table, but I might have to buy a smaller one and I can put that up on the bench or something.

        Anyway, let me know when you guys will be around as I would love to see you both :)

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