Preaching up a storm & discussing blogs

We’re having a quiet night in.

Right now, Richie is passed out downstairs. He has been since about 5:30pm. I can understand why though… He worked a full week with a WOSE at Auburn(Week of Spiritual Emphasis), he preached last night at Super Fridayz and we drove to Lithgow today so he could preach again. All in all, it was a great Sabbath and it’s nice to be here in our quiet and warm house reading blogs, drinking tea and eating chocolate. Well, at least I am.

Today, Richie spoke on Mark 5 – Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man. He tied it in with his own testimony about being taken away as a toddler, by DOC’s, from his alcoholic biological parents and placed into “Emergency Care” (which continued till he became an adult) with a Christian family (who he calls HIS family) and how God has blessed him in his journey.

In Mark 5:19, Jesus said to him “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Jesus turned this mans life around and encouraged him to bring other people into contact so that they too could experience what he had experienced with Jesus. This is Richie’s life stamp. This is what gets him up in the morning. This is what Richie feels is his life purpose and sole calling.

Another great part about today, besides hanging out with heaps of our Kellyville family, was that I got to spend some time at church with my friend Liana. Liana is the wife of my bushwalking mate Gilsey, and also was our extremely vital Oxfam Support Crew Coordinator. I’ve really only just met and got to know her in the last few months through the Oxfam Adventure. Today we got to talk about blogging and her experiences, something we previously had never engaged in. She told me about this great blog I should look up called Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino and gave me the address of her own blog Walking through the Walls, the story of a past lover who had a colourful criminal history and who also sadly died of Hep C. Liana is a very talented writer and blogger. Tonight has been the first opportunity for me to read some of her work because Gilsey could never remember her blog address when we were bushwalking. Good one Gilsey. That aside, I’m looking forward to reading Liana’s work and hearing Ken’s story.

Side note for Liana – Hey Liana! When I got home tonight, I boiled some water, threw some spaghetti in it. With olive oil, fried some crushed garlic and capsicum (closet thing to chilli peppers I had in the fridge!) added a bit of basil/parmesan at the end and whacked together that lazy basic pasta you told me about. It was delish.

Side note to everyone else –  Aglio, Olio & Peperoncio means Garlic, Oil and chilli.The three basic ingredients for the easiest yummiest Italian pasta ever. It also is the name of that cute blog Liana has got me onto.

Here is my half eaten remains.

My version of Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino


Should I admit I licked the bowl?


5 thoughts on “Preaching up a storm & discussing blogs

  1. Hi Bec,
    I was checking my Facebook before bed and saw your post and was surprised that 1. you found the energy to write this evening after the big day today (though it is you I am talking about – full of energy), 2. that you whipped up the pasta dish – all I could manage was today’s left overs, and 3. that you mentioned me – which was unexpected and an honour, thank you.
    Thank you for also including the link to Ken’s story. Ken was my defacto for 12 years. His was a transformational story, similar to Richie’s in the way that he had it tough to begin with, but whereas Richie had a loving family, Ken did not – though, even he would say that his parents did the best they knew how to at that time of their life.
    I was blessed to be loved by Ken, and now am blessed to be loved by the fabulous Steve Giles – I’m a lucky woman!
    I’m looking forward to more great chats with you – in person, over pasta!
    Keep up your blogging – your writing is engaging and full of heart.
    P.S. People love you because you lick the bowl (as well as for many other things)

  2. Hearing about Richie’s life seriously gets me every time. They always say that our upbringing molds us and makes us who we are. Thanks for the pasta too. Looks delish!

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