The God Box

Do you have trouble letting go?

I do.

You know what I mean right?

“Let Go, Let God.”

While looking for vintage christmas images for my 2010 Christmas Project, I stumbled across this cute blog The Bella Life. They had a some great Christmas images which showed up in Google and I followed the links to their blog with a great post that resonated with me.

“Letting Go…with Special Help” hit me like a ton of bricks.

“I don’t know about you but it seems like my life is a constant battle between living life fully and allowing my by anxieties to govern it. But every so often I need to be reminded that there is a higher power who will help me with this struggle-God.”

Well, hello!

I believe in God and talk to him on a very regular basis and I still need reminding.

This started to make me think, what would be in my God Box?

There would be the “Thank you’s”…

“Dear God, thank you that we have a roof over our head, a warm bed to sleep in, and food to eat every day.”

“Dear God, thank you for the gifts and talents you have given me. Help me not waste them, but use them for your glory.”

“Dear God, thank you for our health. There is nothing I love more than feeling the pain of exercise and knowing I am alive.”

“Dear God, thank you for your Son, who came to earth as a baby, and who left the world as our Saviour.”

“Dear God, thank you for family. They are irreplaceable.”

“Dear God, thanks for the babies who have been born in the last 12 months. Thanks for Archie Kewley, Tennesse Akee, Lily Aitken, Emmett Salke, Gavyn Bernhardt-Blackwelder, Sullivan Rajcany, Elise Whale, and Patrick Clarke”

There would be the “Pleases”…

“Dear God, please enrich Richie and my relationship so that this thing called marriage will be forever and ever and ever.” 

“Dear God, please be with Mum and Dad in Africa. Please stop Dad from pretending it is 1974 when he back-packed around the world and help him to treat Mum to a nice dinner and hotel.”

“Dear God, please come back soon, cause I’m over this place called earth. I just want to see you face to face and hang with you in Heaven.”

“Dear God, please send me to speak to the right people who need our help in selling or managing their home.”

“Dear God, please send the summer. We have had a long long long winter and it is reeeeally nice to have the sun shine on your face.”

“Dear God, please stop child-traffiking, stop the sex trade, stop violence, stop sickness, and stop the hatred in this world.”

“Dear God, please help me to emulate the character of your son Jesus Christ, to the people I come in contact with.”

Now what would be in your “God Box”?


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