It’s Christmas already?

It always makes me laugh when I see Christmas decorations appearing in the shops in August. And, leading up to this Christmas, our first Christmas as a married couple, Richie and I are needing to make some big decisions…

Do we buy a freshie or a fakey?

I’m desperate for a real, fresh, smelly Christmas tree. Growing up we always had a fakey and since I’m in charge of my own house-hold now (yup, that’s right!), I really want to get a real one from the side of the road. You know the ones? You see the Boy Scouts selling them at the Servo in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Richie on the other hand, grew up with freshies and thinks they are a pain. This is still being negotiated.

 Do we spend a fortune on ornaments and decorations or do we make em?

After a bit of an “inspiration browse” in David Jones and searching for quality stuff on Etsy, I have decided to make my own Christmas ornaments and decorations. I told my sister/brother-in-law/husband about my new adventure and in sweet unison, they whined “Finish your chairs first before starting another project!”. Too late!

Last year before getting hitched, we placed some beautiful crystal Christmas ornaments on our Bridal gift registry and hip hip hooray, some of our good friends bought them for us! These will always be treasured and I know that there will be little hands placing them on the tree one day. But as you will see below, this is the extent of our collection of Christmas Stuff for the tree.

Remember Mildred? She was the sweet old lady who use to work for President Clinton. She gave me a little christmas tree trinket when we were in D.C. back in June,  after our huge chat about how desperate she was to get another job at the White House.

Then we’ve got this little treasure that we paid a pathetic amount for at Top Of the Rock. But when are you in New York to grab Christmas ornaments, I mean really? It’s all part n parcel of the New York experience to pay ridiculous prices for touristy things.

 Then below we have the Queens Coat of Arms we got on our honeymoon at Heathrow airport when we almost didn’t make it home in time for Christmas. Also, the little candy cane from our Cambodian Project 318 mission trip which was made by local women at risk Mekong Quilts

 So with my foundational Christmas decorations, I naturally googled “Make your own Christmas Decorations” to start the ball rolling. I got onto some different websites, but of course, too much information throws me into total confusion. But then the brain wave hit. Martha!!! She is full of all good types of advice… “A live Christmas tree is a wonderful way to enhance your holiday decor.” Of course it is! But I’m not allowed one! Was I going to go to the full extent of printing out Martha Stewart’s Entire Six-Week Holiday Planning Checklist??? BA-BOOWWWW That’s a NEG Martha. I didn’t find a whole lot of inspiration there. It was too Marth-like and not vintage enough for me. Instead I choofed over to Spotlight to see what inspired me… and below is the booty I came home with.

So what’s the plan Stan?

Keep an eye out for my DIY efforts. There is a likelihood that I’m going to coax my friends into forming a production line like Santa’s Workshop.

But maybe after the chairs are done…


8 thoughts on “It’s Christmas already?

  1. Go Bec!
    My suggestion, make your own tree dangly’s, but go with the fake tree.
    Real ones don’t last as long, drop stuff everywhere, and don’t hold your decorations as well. Ignore everyone else and have heaps of different projects on the go at once … it’s much more chaotic fun that way :)

    • Thanks for the hot tips Rod!

      Re: The Tree – That’s exactly what Richie said. In fact, I just read your comment to him and he replied with “I told you you’re not getting a real tree!”

      Chaos is my life! The funniest part of this project is that I’m not even crafty! I have no idea, I’m just going to wing it.

  2. I love christmas decorations!! I may join you in making some, although we have quite a few already. I have one glass angel that’s my special one.

    Personally I love the look of a tree with a main colour theme. All our ornaments are red & cold, and mum’s are blue & silver. You might want to make your ornaments in a theme.

    I am going to buy a big fake tree this Christmas – our first one in a place big enough to house a tree.

    Side note – it says “One comment to it’s Christmas already?” which makes it sound like you weren’t expecting any comments yet. lol.

    • Well I’m putting you in the production line at Santa’s Workshop at Ferndale! I forgot to write about the bargain baubles that I picked up last year which are red and gold. I want to tie it in with a vintage theme plus all that new stuff I listed. So it’s not really vintage, but I would like it to be. Get it?

      I’m going to have to re-read the post. I don’t get your side note. Ha!

  3. I love it. You’re so organised. Love that you are making your own decorations. Our tree is gold, cream and light blue. No tinsel (yuk), lots of bows (love), and big, big stars. I know you’ll come up with something original and beautiful.

    My tip on the Christmas tree? If you wish to have a huge box sitting in your house somewhere (I’m assuming you have cupboard space?), then get a fake. But if you wish to have a tree, then after Christmas put it out the front for the garbage man to collect, and not worry about finding a cupboard to store it, get a real one. We had this issue at our place too. I won. Fake – it’s a perfect shape everytime, doesn’t leave bits everywhere, and if you want a pine smell, just get one of those car sniffy things. Voila!

    Have fun creating!

  4. Hey Bec, like you I grew up with fake Christmas trees and since being in Australia, I don’t do fake anymore. LOVE the real thing! Not too much work if you have a vacuum cleaner and it smells so nice when you come into the house.
    Re decorations – every country I visit, I make sure I buy a Christmas decoration. Have quite a collection over the years (almost as many as my collection of timers from across the world!).
    Have fun making your own. Once you have kids, you’ll get lots of homemade decorations!

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