Hap-Happy B-B-Birthday to you!

At the weekend, my sister turned a whole 24 years old. Yep on Halloween.

Wowsa! She’s so old!

The day started off as per normal. 

Dogs fighting…

Us separating them and throwing them on their leads… See their faces, they know they are in trouble.


Packing up VP with weight for a wee training walk through Westleigh’s precious Dog Pound Creek/Blue Gum Forrest circuit.


More bushwalking…

More bushwalking…

What a happy camper! It was as humid as Kokoda right here and the leeches were out with a vengeance. Marcus didn’t cope too well.

We climbed hills like Kokoda too.

VP “Whatcha talkin about Willis?” MP “You can’t say that! You weren’t even born then!”

Thumbs up for the home stretch. Just look at those poor old dogs out front!

Good onya Fan! How do I spell exhaustion?

Look what I made her for lunch! She’s easy to please.

Later in the evening, we braved the rain and hit the city for dinner at Casa di Nico with our extended family. When Marcus and Vanessa married, all his family became our family. We like to party a lot.

My other photos did not turn out; except this one above which I thought was fitting to post.


The End.


5 thoughts on “Hap-Happy B-B-Birthday to you!

  1. Yup, I know the track you mean. We used to have a track than ran from our house and met up with the main track right before that photo of you guys from far away (or after, depending on which way you’re walking), then you’d meet the main track and continue on to the waterfall.

    These days it’s not so much a track as a random bush-bash.

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