The Gunshop Cafe

While we were in Brisbane last week, we had some time out and R & R with our sweet friend Karyn. She knew we needed to get some good food in our bellies to try to fix up our sneezes. So, we headed off to this place…

 Apparently it is the most delicious cafe in Australia – The Gunshop Cafe. Not just for 2009, but also for 2010.

In all honesty, it was nothing but delicious and we could have stayed there all day. You need to jump onto their website and check out their menu, its awesome.

When you are in Brisbane next, swing past West End and check out this place.

It is worth the visit. Be aware though, that there are no bookings taken on the weekends.

Just as a side note, I particularly loved the fixtures and fittings at this cafe. The character adds to the atmosphere and even if the food was rubbish, I would have still appreciated what they have created with the exposed brick walls, wide polished timber floors, original windows and doors. You can’t half tell I’m a Real Estate Agent.

I just wish I had have swallowed my price and taken more photos…


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