Poached eggs & mushrooms, thanks Love

Family means…

being treated like you’re apart of the furniture…

being loved unconditionally, without questions, no matter what you do and how long it was since we spoke last…

laughing at each other, when we yell out “Cook us some poached eggs & mushrooms, thanks Love!” and having them delivered to the dinner table with a giggle.

This past long-weekend, we escaped to Queensland for a short break to visit our family. We stayed with Richie’s sista-from-anotha-mister, Karyn… and we are always treated like we are part of the furniture. 

What can I say? We love her AND her family dearly.

There was plenty of great chats, great food and 3 cakes were delivered to us baked from Aunty Nerilye. Love it!!! Below is one of Aunty Nerilye’s famous creations, our wedding cake. The best tasting cake I’ve ever had in my life.

Our requests were: “No horrible fruit cake, no horrible hard icing. We would love chocolate (white and dark) cake with fluffy butter icing.”

My request was: “Can you make the cake look like it’s been cement rendered?”

Her response: “Yeah no worries, Love!”

I reckon she did an amazing job. The fact it was made with love for her beloved son made it all the more sweeter.

Aunty Nerilye's famous Wedding Cake made with love!


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