Now I’ve finished Oxfam #2

Guess what?

I cheated with #2.

Oooo nice. I definitely won't be miss any toe nail action now!

As a total brain wave, the Wednesday evening before the Friday morning race-start (how is that for a mouthful?!?), I decided that I should have a little TLC and get my manicure and pedicure, which I promised myself after the race.

It couldn’t hurt?

Could it?

The deciding factor in the end was that if I was going to lose my toenails, I wanted to be able to see them come off. So fittingly I chose a black/red colour that stood out.

Well check out these picts. I was so upset with myself.

Hello slash


Thankfully, the cut was on the side of the toe which receive too much pressure from under-foot. Could have been a total disaster.

I would like to thank you my sponsors who donated the Second Skin and my personal care-giver, Ofelia "You'll be right, just put some Second Skin on it" Pye. P.S. Can you tell this is straight after the race when I got home? Yep. No blisters!!! Victory!

My Boys had no idea about my self-inflicted-slash-to-the-toe. Smile through the pain Bec!

On the long-weekend my damaged toe nail fell off. A few weeks prior, I had professional and experienced advice from the Australian Irish Dancing Champion for 2009 (my friend Janelle Knowles who is going to marry my little brother Jono) that it was going to fall off no matter what I did.

Stolen from Facebook - Janelle winning State Champion 2009. I couldn't find any photos of her in the Nationals, but imagine her like this just amped up 300%!

In the past, Janelle and her friends have brutalised their own feet and have lost countless toes nails from competing.

“Oh its definitely gonna go.” they warned me.

YUP. It went.

I think it would be unfair for me to post a photo.

So I’ll post this pretty one instead :)

Day After Trailwalker - Rest & Recuperation with Powerade, compression tights and my certificate of completion


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