This Saturday I’m Grateful For…

This post was inspired by a post uploaded today by my friend Kym (virtual friend at present! We will meet one day soon, I’m sure!)  from A day in the life of Us. I am such a good friend that I missed her b’day the other week. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYM! YOU DONT LOOK A DAY OVER 21!

So, this Saturday, I’m grateful for…

1. A BIG God, who has big plans, who has unconditional love that knows no measure.

2. Sabbath – like Kym’s household, our home also comes to a grinding halt. Why? Because we choose to. I love it. It is a guilt free day off from the usual pressures of the world. It is a day set-aside where we can rest and recuperate and enjoy time in corporate worship with our friends and family, towards our Creator.

3.  My ex-Novio and my present el Esposo – Richie’s speaks in the love language of gift giving/receiving. Last week he bought me a GHD which he appropriately announced as the GTS, then the GST. I had to blog about this sometime! Can you blame me if I laugh every time I straighten my hair now?


One thought on “This Saturday I’m Grateful For…

  1. Aaaah, but we HAVE met (you were Richie’s girlfriend at the Minister’s Meetings at Avondale a couple of year’s back). But you were probably inroduced to a million other people – but I remember you! I remember thinking that Richie had made a very good choice. But hey, the best thing about blogs is that I feel like I know you so much better than if we had just met that once :-) And thanks for my birhtday wishes. If only I was really 21 again! Hope you had a great Sabbath like we did. It was awesome!

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