Now I’ve finished Oxfam #1

I wrote this yesterday and failed to post it because I didn’t have any evidence to prove how great my Aggies were.  

Now I do.  

: )  

So, last night I got chicken poo on my PJ’s.  

Why? I hear you ask…  

Well if you were in Sydney, you know how heavy that rain was. I was out in the middle of it with a bag of chook poo fertilising my newly planted Aggies along my lawn. It’s all for the sake of new growth in my beloved garden. The bag was wet and leaking a bit of stuff, so of course it had to splash on my leg.  

Why was I wearing my pajama’s feeding my garden with chook poo?  

Cause I CAN!  

Let me introduce you to the incredible therapy of weeding. It’s the best. As long as the space is not too massive that it actually gets you depressed. It has healing powers! It’s like hacking your freezer to eliminate every spare inch of built-up ice.  

Over the last few weekends, since I haven’t been bushwalking, Richie and I have tackled Point #1 on the “When I finish Oxfam” List. Thanks to my Mum and our neighbours, we have up-rooted Agapanthus off-cuts from their gardens and filled the holes where weeds once ruled the garden bed.  

Last Sunday we put so much effort into it that I really had to top off the effort with a round of chook poo when the time was right. Timing is EVERYTHING with chook poo. At least it is if you want your neighbours to still like you.  

Last night was perfect with all the rain, so I smothered the lot with a good round.  

Hello Weeds!

Ta Daaaaah! The finished product

Please ignore “The Hill” i.e. left hand side of the picture… The Hill is our project for the next few weeks. This will include the planting of our Camelias.  

So I guess I can half tick off #1.  



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