Now THAT is why I married you!

I was going to let Shabbat Shalom! be my only post tonight.

But I’ve been inspired.

My Mum works at the fabulous Sydney Adventist Hospital (aka The SAN) and we met her in their cafeteria for an early dinner. While stuffing our faces with goodness, Richie made a comment which caused an immediate reaction.

“I decided to sit facing you and the wall tonight so that I don’t make eye contact with people when they come in, because I know sooo many people and I’m sooo popular. That’s why you married me!”

After picking myself off the floor from the fit of laughter, I said “Yeah right! Like, WHATEVER!”

Then the banter continued and it totally went down hill from there with “No you married me for my body”, “No I married you so I could go to the General Conference.” “No you married me because I am so funny.” “No I married you for your money.” The list went on…

The list stopped as we walked out the door of the caf and I took the hand of my Beloved and whispered “Now THAT is why I married you!”

So, what happened that I changed my tune so quickly?

As we took our dirty dishes over to the conveyor belt which miraculously took all the leftovers/rubbish/plates etc away, Richie spotted an old and familiar man, who was in his late 70’s, sitting by himself eating his dinner. My sister rang me just as Richie said hello to the man and started making his way over to him. I stood back and chatted to Fan while Richie started to have a chat to this other guy. 5 minutes passed. 10 minutes passed. 15 minutes passed, and then I saw him bow his head put his hand on the mans shoulder, and start praying with him in the middle of the cafeteria.

After saying Amen and shaking his hand, Richie and I walked out the doors of the cafeteria.

I asked “Is everything ok with that man?”

“Yeah, I just saw that he was alone so I said that I would open Sabbath with him with a prayer.”

Like I said, the list stopped as we walked out the door. As I squeezed my Beloved’s hand I reinforced why I had married him.

“It comes naturally for you to care for people, no matter their circumstances. You’ve had a massive week. You totally could have walked away without saying anything to that man. You slept two hours last night because you drove from Sydney to Kempsey and back in one night to help out a mate, it’s the second (or third – I can’t remember!) week in a row that you are working 6 days straight, and you have to get it together to preach tomorrow.”

Now, here’s my question to you, my readers:

Who around you is lonely?

Who is the person that you so easily could walk past and think, they’ll be right.

Who is the person that this weekend, you can stop and see how they are going?

Maybe even have a prayer with?


8 thoughts on “Now THAT is why I married you!

  1. Great post! Funny and meaningful! If Richie goes around doing that kind of thing, it’s no wonder he’s so “famous”!

    So I have to confess, I had a couple of sleepless nights with Lily this week and while at the shops hunting for presents for the dozens of September birthday people the last thing I wanted to do was “waste time” to talk to anyone. I saw at least 3 people – all much older – that I knew from a long time ago (like work, or church) and I pretended not to see them…perhaps they pretended not to see me too…doesn’t matter I should have stopped and said hello to them. Nothing nicer than when someone acknowledges your existence. Just a small thing, but makes such a difference. So Bec, thanks for your challenge, I vow to make up for it this weekend!

  2. That almost made me cry. What an amazing man you have married.

    Linz, I do the *same* thing. And I know that other people pretend not to see me too. We should all make the effort.

  3. bec, that was inspiring and it left me alittle bit teary – thanks for sharing, love the blog and love your work.. you’re a great little modern-day pastor’s wife!

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