What’s your Wildest Dream?

I know this title has huge potential of going south… BUT yesterday I received an e-newsletter from World Expeditions with the title “First In Best Dressed, Free tickets to Sydney IMAX – The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest”.  

I love free things so of course I clicked through to where I had to write “In 25 words or less, tell us: What is your wildest dream – and why?”  

I also sent it to a few of my friends from church and also the guys who did the Oxfam Trailwalker with me.  

My 25 words or less answer was:  

“Summiting Everest FOR SURE! Done Base Camp of the Big E, Kilimanjaro, Kokoda, Oxfam Trailwalker – BUT there would be nothing like almost touching Heaven on top of Mt Everest. I don’t think you could get any closer to God physically, than being on top of THAT mountain. Only a few in the world have experienced it and I want to be one of those lucky few!”  


Guess what! I won!!!!! As my prize, I won 2 tickets to see the I-Max movie on Monday night!  

Just as an aside… I also sent it to my friend Brett who was meant to be in our Oxfam team. He piked out due to some poor excuse of excruciating knee pain (I feel his pain now, let me tell you!).   

This was his answer:  

   “I watched those other 4 walk a flat track on the Oxfam. By the end of it they couldn’t blow out a candle, so

       ‘I am your Man’


I love a little altitude... how bout you?


Stay tuned for my Oxfam posts…


6 thoughts on “What’s your Wildest Dream?

  1. I think you cheated Bec … your answer was more than 25 words!! :)
    Brett’s was typically short and to the point!

    Have a great time! Don’t get motion sick

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