When I finish Oxfam – #6

6. I’m going to finish my chairs. 

 Just call me the Chair Lady. 

This is my inspiration: 

Oooo Nice!

Oooo Nice!

This is my canvas: 

25 Bucks each on e-Bay. Bargain!

25 Bucks each on e-Bay. Bargain!

Tad holy, but all good for Grandma Chairs


My work room = our garage

Meet my new best friend, Ozito.

Richie was upset that I was using a knife from the kitchen to get the existing material off the chairs. He'll be right.

This chair has a story. I sold a unit in Hornsby and I saw this near the block bins. I did the double take as I drove past it, then reversed back up. I chucked it in my back-seat and haven't looked back. Richie wanted to sterilise it. I figured someone just didn't have the foresight to see the massive potential it had.

Again, appreciate the lovely Grandma pattern...

This is the lovely lady, who is in fact the mother of Miss T – Advenutres of an Undomesticated Goddess, who is going to help me. 

Dr Lin Lock - World-renowned Nursing Guru and World Authority in Nursing Care (in the red) and perfect teacher of Refurb-wannabes like me!

Also Ribbon-tying extraordinaire!


The list so far: 

1. I’m going to weed the garden and plant my camellias. 

2. I’m getting a pedicure. 

3. I’m going to hang out more with my girlfriends. 

4. I’m going to hang out with the little people in my life. 

5. I’m going to make home-made pasta with my Pastor husband – You are what you eat! 


4 thoughts on “When I finish Oxfam – #6

  1. Oh hello Bec. I LOVE your blog. How come I didn’t discover it until now! Gorgeous chairs… and let me know how you go. I have one that it’s in desperate need of repair. It’s orange velvet. Yes, I know… STUNNING!

    Anyway, I’m so glad you’re out there blogging too. It’s therapy hey? I love it! Speak/write to you soon! xxx

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