Fabulous & 30 – Happy Birthday Mrs Denahy!

I love you lots and hope you don’t get too embarrassed… xoxo 

Here’s your b’day poem… I”m no Pete Denahy, but I’ve given it a crack.

Happy Birthday Mrs Denahy! Lookin fabulous for 30. 

With a mob of 3, and 1 in the tum, oh-my-goodness, you’re such a Super-Mum!  

You are my perfect token Catholic friend, and even look like Heidi Klum! 

For you don’t look a day over 24, especially with your little bum. 

Those wild days singin n dancin, to the joys of seeing your offspring a prancin, 

these are a few hilarious memories, which for me, are grand and fun.  

Struth Love, soon those Olga’s will be too!  (Grand and fun, that is!) 

So here’s the truth, a massive Happy Birthday…. to you! 

Super-Mum Livvy preggers with my gorgeous flower-girl LuLu - circa 2008.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous & 30 – Happy Birthday Mrs Denahy!

  1. Oh My Goodness Pye…..you crack me up……..”Heidi Klum and little bum” the two biggest lies i’ve ever heard!
    How come the south bound sticker photo didn’t make it to the blog???
    Love you long time and a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE thank you for the beautiful flowers and a lifetime of friendship xoxoxoxox

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