When I finish Oxfam – #5

5. I’m going to make home-made pasta with my Pastor husband – You are what you eat!

My fabulous sales partner Georgia gave us a Home-made Pasta Maker as a wedding gift. We want to crack it out and make some beautiful culinary music.

Oooo Nice!

It’s in my genes to love pasta. I’m dying to make homemade pumpkin gnocchi, ricotta ravioli, fresh spaghetti, egg noodles and the list goes on.

That’s a whole lotta carbs. I think I’m going to have to keep bushwalking.

The list so far:

1. I’m going to weed the garden and plant my camellias.

2. I’m getting a pedicure.

3. I’m going to hang out more with my girlfriends.

4. I’m going to hang out with the little people in my life.


2 thoughts on “When I finish Oxfam – #5

  1. I love carbs. I will never leave carbs. This is my oath. Your pasta maker looks divine, and every time I eat fresh pasta, I always wonder why on earth I buy the already made stuff. Nothing compares!

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