Help me make a difference!

I’m crying out for help.

In about 2 weeks time, I’ll be walking 100km straight. Starting at 10am on Friday morning at Brooklyn, walking all day Friday, right through Friday night and into Saturday morning.Then right through Saturday and into Saturday night. Hopefully we will be finished on Saturday night at Georges Heights at about 6pm. No sleep, only short food breaks and water breaks. One of my team members is my brother-in-law Marcus. He goes alright for a 30-something.

We are raising money for Oxfam and with the sponsorship money we receive from people like you, we are going to make a difference in the lives of people suffering in the third world.

Yesterday I walked 50km.

When we finished, it was hard to climb into the car. I was a cripple. I had never walked that far before and we smashed it. It was a mental hurdle that we jumped over. Steve and I in our delirium announced to Richie after our arrival at The Sphinx that we were elite athletes and that we were incredible endurance racers.  Yes we have a healthy dose of self-esteem, but when you don’t know how much further you have to walk in the dark, you have to get your self-talk happening quickly so you don’t throw a tanty, sit down on the track and give up.

Imagine it. It’s no longer, “I think I can, I know I can. I think I can, I know I can.”

Now it’s “I’m an elite athlete, I’m going to smash this. I’m an elite athlete, I’m going to smash this. I’m an elite athlete, I’m going to smash this.”

We started at 6am at Brooklyn and walked till 8pm to The Sphinx Memorial at North Turramurra. The scenery was amazing, but when the sun goes down, it really takes its toll on your mental state. There is something about being in the bush with a mate, and it being dark and cold. I might be strange, but I really just wanted to go home, have a hot shower and get straight into bed. It hailed on us earlier in the day after all.

So here’s the question?

I sounded a bit tired there. But, I was probably only half way to 50km!

So! Please sponsor me here if you feel called to do so… even if it is $1 per 1km I walk on race day:



5 thoughts on “Help me make a difference!

  1. 30 something? just so you know – you’ll be us one day!! and all these age references come back to haunt you! (trust me i’m feeling it now!) :p

  2. “I’m an elite athlete, I’m going to smash this.”
    I LOVE THIS! Bec, you are going to TOTALLY SMASH IT!!!! SO Proud of you… off to donate now.
    PS. When you’re one day giving birth remember that chant, I reckon it will come in handy!

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