When I finish Oxfam – #4

4. I’m going to hang out with the little people in my life.

This is Baby Tenn.

He is growing a million miles an hour.

He is a bit of a jet-setter and has already filled his passport at the rip old age of 6 months.

What's up Auntie Bec?

Then there is the delightful little Lily Aitken. The boys are going to have to fight for her and impress her dad plus her two big uncles. Can’t wait to meet her and her mum in T2 to have afternoon tea. I want to hear her say Mamamamamama!

Could she be any cuter?

Then there’s E-man.

We missed Emmetts birth which made Richie and I almost cry. Two of the first things I remember Richie saying when we heard about E-man’s magic arrival was “I can’t wait for Emmett’s b’day parties. Clare makes the best cakes!” and “I can’t wait to take Emmett fishing.”

He was born while we travelled down the east coast of America. In fact, we were in Savannah, Georgia, y’all!

When his proud parentals announced the news that Axle had arrived, we immediately thought we need to facebook the congratulations videos which we had previously recorded. But we saved it till now.

Hope you have a laugh.

The list so far:

1. I’m going to weed the garden and plant my camellias.

2. I’m getting a pedicure.

3. I’m going to hang out more with my girlfriends.


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