Hi, we’re here to see Elvis – Memphis, Tennessee

Below is a post I have seriously been working on for 3-4 weeks. I’m definitely not the world’s best blogger. That’s a given.      

This week Pioneer Woman blogged about Elvis which kicked me up the butt to finish my Elvis post. Hope you like it….      

Do we?      

Don’t we?      

8 hours drive up there, 8 hours drive home.      

This was the million dollar question which faced Darren, Ruth and myself. It was a long way, and of course, were we actually that desperate to see Elvis?      

Well…. Yeah we were.      

Hello 4:07am!

 So we set our alarms for 3:40am and met in the basement at 4am. We jumped in our appropriately hired Cadillac and hit the road with the Sirius Elvis radio station – the WHOLE WAY! Yep, we sang Elvis from Atlanta to Memphis, 8 hours straight. It was hilarious.      

See here is proof

 We drove and drove and drove. Well Darren drove and drove and drove. What a legend.      

Pity it wasn't pink like Elvis' Moms Caddy

We didn’t even have a navigator. This for me was like trying to walk with 1 leg. We said goodbye to Georgia…      

How many states is that now?

 Hello Mississippi!      

Where is this bridge taking us?

 Doh! Yeah, we didn’t want to go to Arkansas… but we did. Eh! It was an adventure.      

Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee

 And then… Hello Tennessee!!! Can you hear what we are saying beneath our smiles “Thank the Lord we are finally here!”      

First up was food!      

We attempted to find some amazing so-called grill which has been around since Adam and Eve near Beale Street where all the Blues bars are.  One of the Bellboys at the Omni in Atlanta said we HAD to go there. It turned it out only served pork ribs.      

The famous Rendezvous - Circa 1948

 I don’t dig swine, and neither did my comrades. So we ditched it.      

We could have had German...

 Then we asked one of the locals and they pointed us in the direction of a tiny little grill place which served beef. Yay! These Americans and their pork ribs… sheesh!      

We wandered the streets for a while and then remembered we had a date with Elvis.      

Beale Street - BB Kings Blues Club

But before we shot off to see Elvis we took a detour to the Lorraine Motel where Dr Martin Luther King was shot, and killed. This museum deserves its own post, so I’ll do it next.      

So we cruised on down to Elvis Presley Blvd (google it, it’s legit) and found the car park for Graceland.      

So here are all the photos with my glued memories .     

Get ready for a trillion pictures.     

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.     

I told you it existed


Darren at the Pearly White gates


People have signed on every spare inch of the stone walls


This lady was in the que for the bus which would take us across to the Graceland property. Only in America! Although... I do remember a certain Miss T carrying 8-week old Rusty in her handbag around the Food Court at Westfield Hornsby!

Darren are you talking to Elvis?

I've got my Golden Ticket!

Standing on the front porch

Elvis' Lounge room

Upstairs... where we couldn't go...of course I totally asked... is where Elvis died.



Anyone for pool?

The Jungle room.... are you bored yet?

The Jungle room.... are you bored yet?

Don't mess with Vernon - Elvis' Dads home-made sign

The Office


There were SOOOO many awards







Visiting Graceland was definately worth the trip. However, at the end of the tour I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad for poor Elvis and his family. I think he may have died an unhappy man. It was just a feeling that I got while I walked around. The house was smaller than I was expecting, and extremely gaudy.  


The big question though, while we were in Memphis, did we see Elvis?   


I think I saw him in a souvenir shop.   


And then he drove me back to Atlanta!  



Oh and Pioneer Woman, FYI, your 3rd point about Elvis is wrong… 

“3. When Elvis received a guitar for his eleventh birthday, he was disappointed; he was hoping for a bike.” 

WRONG!!!! But I’ll forgive you.

According to the Mississippi Freebie Tourist Map, he wanted a shot-gun.   


3 thoughts on “Hi, we’re here to see Elvis – Memphis, Tennessee

  1. Hey, Rusty loved being my handbag dog, LOVED IT! I carried him round like that for months! He just didn’t always fit in that small handbag (you should see the handbag again, it’s really REALLY small).

    And if Belle would stay in one of those things, I’d carry her around like that too. I breed codependency. Right now she’s sitting beside my head.

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