God Chicks and the Men They Love – Part two

Recently I read a Tweet which read something along the lines of “I didn’t make a vow to God about my children, I made a vow to God about my husband.”

I thought yeah, this is so true!

Reading through God Chicks has encouraged me to dog-ear certain pages and blog about the things that stick out at me to share. I found this about a week ago about marriage which I enjoyed reading. 

 (Holly) Recently, I started talking to people who have been married longer than my 25 years. I am on a quest to gain knowledge.

I’ve learned a few years:

From a man married 44 years: Hold hands often.

From a woman married 32 years: Sometimes its better to keep quiet.

From a man married 31 years: Let her do most of the talking.

From a man married 42 years: Leave the house when she is hosting a wedding shower for a friend. Too much girl noise.

From a man married 33 years: Patience

From a woman married 30 years: Persevere through the hard times.

From a woman married 35 years: Decide that this is the man you want to grow old with, and do whatever it takes.

From a man woman married 36 years: Smile often.

(God Chicks and the Men They Love, Wagner & Wagner, Pg 64)

So let me ask you “Marrieds”, what is the best advice you could give a girl who has been hitched for 7 months?


3 thoughts on “God Chicks and the Men They Love – Part two

  1. Respect and love. And patience. Heck, don’t listen to me – I don’t have a clue! And I’ve been married for almost 1o years. In fact, I’m still learning so many things about marriage myself. And add kids to the brew… new challenges, new experiences, new stuff to learn about yourself and each other.

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