Things I love about America

  1. 1. I have family there – ranging from California (Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno etc) to Texas (Dallas, Keene, McAllen etc) to Tennessee (Chattanooga) to Oregon (Portland).
  2. Starbucks drive through is a dream – seriously, a DREAM!
  3. Drive-thru banks/ATM’s are a dream – especially when it’s raining and you needed cash yesterday.
  4. Drive-thru pharmacies are a dream – I have 3 girlfriends who have 0-4month old babies. There is a massive hassle factor in packing up your offspring and maneuvering yourself and your child to the pharmacy for a bit of Panadol. Drive-thru drug stores are the future and sheer brilliance.
  5. Lots of free WiFi – you can pretty much get this anywhere. It is awesome!
  6. Free salad re-fills – brilliant!
  7. Freeways – Their road system is amazing, as long as there is no traffic, and then it really sucks.

This marks the end of my dithering.

Thank you for listening.


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