Ebenezer Baptist Church – Dr Martin Luther King’s family church

Sunday morning, Darren and I hit the road early and made our way on the Marta back down to Sweet Auburn to Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The service was what I expected. Amazing hospitality, fabulous praise and worship, a long but good sermon. There was also a 10 minute welcome session where everyone got up off their seat and walked around the large church welcoming friends, family and visitors to church. I thought this was awesome. I shook about 57 hands in 10 minutes. There was a graduation recognition segment where everyone who was graduating from high school or college/university and were affirmed of their efforts. Their name was announced, along with their parents and the degree they did. The they were asked if what their plans were. For the graduating high school kids, their scholarships were announced and one girl had won a $175,000 scholarship and another had a 4yr book scholarship.

The Rev Martin Luther King, Sr Choir could all win American Idol – they were amazing.

The original church sits across the road were much of the political movement towards the anti-segregation protests began. It is in dire need of restoration, so no body is worshipping there. It is also way too small for the massive congregation.

Quote of the day:

“We all need a Saviour. I suggest Jesus.” The Rev.

This is a Marta Station. It is simple, you catch a train to go north, south, east or west. Easy.


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