Dr Martin Luther King, Jr – What a man!

To continue on our Civil Rights museum crawl, there was no going past the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Center. The tour guide in Greensboro said it was an absolute must. There is a museum with a theatre in it, plus an exhibition with loads of photos.

In the museum I found it intriguing that in Chicago, MLK found the most hatred towards the African-Americans. I expected it to be in the South where most of the demonstrations occurred, but it wasn’t.

I also became emotional when I touched the carriage which carried his coffin on the day of his funeral. It looked like it had come from a classic cotton plantation from the early 1900’s, and it has been left in its original condition.

Just a quick note, one of the below photos is the hand-written page in the comments book which Richie and I compiled together. He and I had a little bicker about whether MLK said “Let freedom Ring” or “Let freedom Reign”. I ended the argument by saying, let’s put down what you think and I’ll google it when I get home. Well, it’s official, I was right. So please pretend you read “LET FREEDOM RING”. Thanks.


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