Bodies… The Exhibition

I wrote this blog last week, but didn’t edit it. So here it is, as it was meant to be.

This exhibit made me think, I really shouldn’t have had that hamburger for lunch. I’m going to have an apple when I get home to my hotel.

Some people would think it is creepy, but I have to say, I absolutely loved “Bodies… The Exhibition“.

Our God is incredible! I found this exhibition intriguing and it made me think that our God is beyond amazing, beyond creative, beyond any word to describe the sheer brilliance of the design process He must have taken when He designed the human body.

Anyone who is a Evolutionist needs to visit. I would put down money that someone not believing in God would come out of there and believe that we didn’t come from a big bang, but from a loving God who had designed us, and our bodies, with individual purpose and a destiny.

The fetal stages were really interesting as well. Did you know that the heart of an embryo begins to beat during the 5th week. Yes? Well I had no idea. Just a side note, all fetal embryonic specimens perished from in utero complications during pregnancy.

One of the exhibits which I couldn’t take my eyes off was the complete and entire blood vessel system of the body. I have NO IDEA how they could have extracted it all and placed it so perfectly back together. It is as if someone found the top or start of it near the brain/or in the brain (clearly I’m not a medic) and ripped that sucker right out with one flick. I wrote on my iPhone “The blood vessels look like coral under the skin and muscles.” I think it is funny that I just quoted myself from my iPhone.

Chatting to the guy who worked there at the end of the tour, I learned that all the bodies came from China and that they were all either consciously donated to science before death, or were in fact unclaimed bodies. Also 90% of them were smokers – you can see this in every lung which is show in the exhibition. Definitely an awesome way to encourage kids, and their parents, not to smoke.

I learned that in China if you are an unclaimed person at time of death, after a particular amount of time, your body is automatically donated to science. I found this very interesting and I can understand why there has been some controversy about it all.

If Bodies comes to a city near you, GO AND SEE IT!



4 thoughts on “Bodies… The Exhibition

  1. I saw this is Sydney – our evil Life Drawing teachers made us go and sketch them. I would have thought it was pretty amazing except that a couple of friends started having panic attacks at being in the room with corpses.

    There’s one where they have peeled back the muscle in his back and are holding it open with metal clasps (he’s sitting playing chess) – that one freaked me right out. Just like a scene from Hellraiser!


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