The Coolest Lifts Ever!

While Richie is down in meetings, I’m sitting here watching the Portugal vs Spain game and making use of my time by sorting through our photos.

I have about 5 posts in Drafts waiting for a final check and the addition of photos, but I came across these photos and thought I’ve got to blog these!

Washington National Cathedral was beautiful to visit. But, one of the features I loved was the amazing lifts, or elevators if you are American, which transported us from the underground car park up to the forecourt of the cathedral. They have been thoughtfully designed and are a stand-alone feature.

Richie bagged me out about making such a fuss of them, but at least I know my Dad will appreciate them with me.


2 thoughts on “The Coolest Lifts Ever!

  1. I think you’re right to be impressed. They’re not just lifts, they symbolise being lifted from the darkness into the light. Very clever.

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