Richie and the Pres (ex) get cosie

I have to say, it is a bit sad that Pastor Jan is no longer the President of the World Church.

Richie and I have had countless conversations about how it has felt like he has been the Grandfather of our church. A man who represented spiritual nurturing, care and love for the people he served. He is 78 years old, mind you it’s extremely hard to tell, and he has been ministering for something like 57 years!  But I particularly like the interest he had in the youth of the church. We need to pray that Pr Wilson will be similar.

By request of Pr Jan, the opening ceremony, began with Pr Jan praying on behalf of the congregation with 12 young people from all around the world. Richie was one of these guys and it was a great experience for him and all of the crew from the South Pacific Division were really proud to have him up there. At this stage, Pr Jan was still the president.

Here are some of the pictures from the night including Richie’s rehearsal pictures. You’ll note that some of them are out of focus, as my dear husband doesn’t bother checking settings on the camera, he just goes for it.


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