Everybody now… “We have this Hope that burns within our hearts!”

The last few days have been full-on.

Consequently, there has been not enough time to do a blog. I mean post.

While Richie has been in the business meetings, mostly, I’ve been hitting the streets of Atlanta with other WAGs like Pr Darren Garlett (his wife Cathy is a delegate) and Ruth Bews (her husband Pr Steve is a delegate as well). I’ll do a separate blog from my iPhone for the two adventures I enjoyed with those guys. I’ve particularly loved getting to know more Pastor’s wives, or husbands, who I have really only been introduced to previously. There have been some late night giggles ad chats discussing church policies and strategies. I’ve also caught up with friends and family.

Mum! Look who I found! We screamed and started crying when we saw each other. Vanessa has the same nose as Zonia, I have the same chin.

It has been interesting how the business meetings run. As family, we are allowed to sit on the floor with our delegate connections during the business meetings, but obviously are not allowed to vote.

Taken on Rego day. Cathy was extremely jet-lagged and I had no excuse. I'll be honest, I'm just resting my eyes.

Each meeting we are usually 2nd to 4th row from the front. It’s pretty awesome when the place can hold up to 100,000 people. Within business meetings this is considered “South Pacific Territory”. It is one of the best spots in the Georgia Dome, so all of the South Pacific Division have camped there and returned for all the devotionals, and church meetings. Consequently, I’ve got emails from my family in California and in Argentina saying that they’ve seen us on TV/live stream. Richie and I got caught laughing and looking at my iPhone while the camera was on us. It’s all Marcus and Vanessa’s fault really, because they SMS’ed us that they rang Mum to watch it online that they could see us from time to time. She told them that they were too late that my Tio Salomon had called her from California to tell her that he and Tia Alma had seen us on Hope TV.

Too funny.


One thought on “Everybody now… “We have this Hope that burns within our hearts!”

  1. Is that my old mate Graeme Drinkall in one of your pictures? And as if you’re ‘resting your eyes’. Lol. You’re asleep! Ha!

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