God Chicks and the Men They Love

This is one of the books I’ve brought on my trip. I’m only up to page 45, but so far so good.

I picked it up at Colour 2010 this past March and I started reading it when we left Savannah for Atlanta.

I read Richie bits and pieces as we traveled along the long boring freeways which we have become so use to.

Women flourish when they are honored and empowered by the men in their world. Men often don’t realize the impact they have on a woman’s soul. Dads underestimate their mark on their daughters. Brothers underestimate their influence on their sisters. Boyfriends are often oblivious to the marks that will remain on the souls of the girls they date. And husbands don’t realize the importance of their touch in the heart of their wives. (Page 15)

I also love Page 25, but it is way to long for me to quote.

You will just need to go buy it.


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