We love fireworks!

As a kid, I was a pyromaniac. My parents installed a fire-place so that I could “safely” have a place to play.

Funnily enough, Richie was also a pyro. Quietly, we are shaking in our boots in anticipation of our future children. What’s the saying? Your children are as twice as naughty as you were.

Driving down the I-95, Richie and I both squeal “FIREWORKS!” as we see a sign announcing “Fireworks Supermarket – Lowest Prices”.

Here in the boonies of South Carolina, you can buy anything to everything. Prices start at 49 cents and the most expensive was a set of 6 (Grand Finale kinda of stuff) for $104.99 .

Two thumbs up. This ain’t Canberra!

I could hear the clogs within my husband’s head click over, “If only Marcus was here…”


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