The one and only, Billy Graham

Sabbath arvo, we went to The Billy Graham Library.

It is an impressive place! Extremely tranquil and serene, green and beautifully maintained, and best of all a museum not exalting Billy Graham’s works, but rather exalting God who has used Billy Graham to deliver His message to millions. No billions.

Billy Frank was a dairy farmers son who one day felt God’s leading to go to Bible school. With the right doors opening and pathways being made clear, he became an evangelist. God took him from the dairy farm to the ends of the earth meeting kings & queens, prime ministers, presidents and brought millions to Jesus. As Richie said, this is a man who has fought the Good Fight and is a true Solider of the Cross. See what God can do with ordinary men who are willing to listen?

A few of the things which stood out the most were for me were:

  • Quote : “People don’t come to hear me, they come to hear the Word of God.”
  • Quote: “Write me, Billy Graham, Minneapolis, Minnesota.” There were envelopes on show and one was written in a child’s handwriting “Billy Graham, the world”. Another had “Billy Graham, Mini Apple Police, Mini Soda”. The mail got to him.
  • When he was awarded his Honorary Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth, in his acceptance speech he said (something to this effect…) “It is only appropriate that I quote Queen Victoria. She said she wished Jesus would come again in her life-time so that she could lay her crown at His feet. This award and many others I have received over the years, must be placed at the feet of Jesus.”
  • His love, appreciation and respect for his wife Ruth goes beyond all measure. Ruth Graham died in 2007 and has been buried here beside the spare plot for Billy. Billy has always said that Ruth was the most Christian person he knew. She always wanted to be a missionary out in the typical “Mission Fields” like in China, where she was born and raised. But, she is quoted on one of the trips with Billy to New York City for a crusade as saying (something to this effect…) “I came to accept that this was my jungle to be a missionary.”
  • There is a cheque for $5.00 from Richard Nixon with a letter of thanks. Billy & Pres. Nixon were on stage together once at a crusade and Nixon didn’t have anything to put in the offering plate as it came up on stage. Billy slid him a fiver for him to place in the plate and he said to Billy that he would pay him back. In his letter, he said that he always re-pays his debts and he wished that all fiscal issues which came across his desk could be solved so easily.
  • Every time he went on TV, reporters always tried to trip him up. He just kept referring to the Bible “The Bible tells us…”, “Scripture tells us…”, “God said in the Book of…

We loved this place.

The only person it glorified was Jesus.

The house is a replica of the Graham family home with authentic original items. The original kitchen cupboards were taken out of the old home and installed here. The Barn is the Library/Museum.

Fittingly, you enter the Library at the foot of the Cross

Ruth's Attic


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